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Brandon Hatcher

Brandon Hatcher

Financial Advisor, Partner

Growing up in South Florida, surrounded by hard working neighbors and friends, I found an annual escape to Michigan to be the highlight of my childhood. Those summer weeks were spent at my cousin's beautiful lake house, soaking in the joy of family life. My cousin, a professional athlete, imparted a valuable lesson – that while money is nice, the real joy comes from providing for your family.

Witnessing his role as a father and husband left a lasting impression on me, shaping my understanding of the true rewards that come from hard work and dedication. However, I knew my path would be different; I wasn't destined for a career in professional sports. Choosing the college route, I attended the University of Illinois at Chicago and graduated in 2009, right in the midst of  the Financial Crisis. After a few years of navigating various jobs, I successfully earned a place in PNC's Leadership Development Program, where I rotated through various finance departments and climbed the professional ladder over eight years.

The turning point came when my brother-in-law proposed a shift to becoming a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones. Excited by the prospect of helping others plan for their future, I embraced the opportunity and realized that personal finance was my true calling.  

Since 2020, my wife Katie and I have made our home in the welcoming community of the Charlotte Suburb of Lake Wylie. Our three children – Ella, Cassidy, and Brayden.  When not bussing them around to their activities, you can find us gathering with friends, enjoying new places to eat, or traveling somewhere fun.

I joined Serenity Wealth Management in 2023, seeking to make a more meaningful impact.  Serenity isn't just a workplace; it's the platform through which I continue to foster growth and prosperity for the families I serve and the community I call home.