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Are you a HENRY??

If you are a high-income earner you understand the frustration of receiving that first large commission or bonus check and being both excited about how much you made and mad about how much of it went to taxes! You are not alone. This can be very frustrating and often makes people feel like they are doing something wrong. If the ultra-wealthy are only paying 15-20% in taxes why am I paying so much? That is mainly because they receive the overwhelming amount of their income from investments not wages. I will walk you through the process of how we take you from your current bracket down to these lower levels.

Investments have some of the most favorable tax rates. By using these correctly we can start working now to get you to a point where your taxes no longer enrage you. This process does not happen overnight. It can take years and you will only see small incremental improvements, but they will be improvements. Until eventually we go from HENRY to being truly wealthy. Some ways we can help.

  • Introducing tax free municipal bonds into your portfolio
  • Back-Door Roth contributions
  • Tax Loss harvesting
  • Optimizing tax deferred investment accounts
  • Bringing in a CPA to handle all tax planning and filing
  • Creating a plan where a sizeable amount of your income is coming from your investments not your paycheck.

Through this process I feel it is when I have the greatest impact in my clients lives and keep it fun with milestone gifts and welcome baskets to the millionaires’ club when we get there. Through live net worth tracking we will work hard to get you there as fast as possible.

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